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An Opportunity to Help a Young Person Prepare Themselves Financially

If you are a parent, a soon-to-be-parent, or a grandparent, I encourage you to take a couple minutes to peek into the mind of a young person. Here is a very interesting article by a high school senior about what she is being taught about debt and going to college. It is both telling and [...]

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Are You Investing with Borrowed Money?

One of the questions that usually comes up when talking about how fast to pay off student loans is “Well, shouldn’t I invest my money rather than pay extra on my debt? It will grow at a rate in excess of the interest I am paying on my loans”. The wise answer to the question [...]

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Ken Paid a Price to Become Free From His Student Loans

I love reading stories about people who paid a price to become free from their student loans. Ken Ilgunas is a guy who went to great lengths to pay his student loans off quickly. I love it. Here is a quote from the beginning of the article: “By the time Ken Ilgunas was wrapping up [...]

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Take a Look at the Big Picture

This post is for you if you own or manage a business (or plan to some day). Over the years, I have learned that it’s wise a couple times each year to step back from your day-to-day role in your business and look at things in a more big-picture, strategic kind of way. I wrote [...]

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Buying Your Next Car With Cash – Part 2

Is borrowing money to buy a car smart or is it something you do only when you “have no other choice”? Everyone looks at buying cars, and having a car note, a little different. For me, the first time I wrote a check to buy a car was an incredibly cool feeling (although there is definitely [...]

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Christmas Time and Student Loan Debt: Creative Gift Giving is the Secret wrote a fun, but enlightening blog post about how to deal with gift giving time when you have student loans (and maybe some really big student loans). The post is titled How to Have a Great Ho-Ho-Ho When You Owe-Owe-Owe! They set out some great ideas and did it in a fun way. Check [...]

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