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Two Examples of Going Blindly into Student Debt

One of the great ironies of student debt is that it is so closely tied to getting an education… yet very few people with student loans are educated about how this form of debt really works. Weird! Young people are going to college to learn and grow yet in many cases they are oblivious to [...]

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Are You in the Income Based Repayment Plan?

If you are in the Income Based Repayment Plan (IBR), I would like to ask you to do a little homework about your financial situation and the potential damage you might be doing to yourself in IBR. IBR provides a fairly small monthly payment if you have a large student loan relative to your income. [...]

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2013 Graduates and Their Student Loans

The Wall Street Journal Blog had an interesting post I encourage you to read. Here are a couple points they noted about student loans in America: According to figures released Thursday from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the amount of education loans outstanding nationwide, which has increased every quarter since the New York [...]

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Borrowing Money to Invest: Wise or Foolish?


Lots of people drag their student loans (and other debt) out because they believe they can make more money investing their cash rather than using their cash to pay off debt. Here’s an example. My post on buying your next car with cash got lots of feedback on LinkedIn. Some of the comments were people [...]

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Saying No to Co-Signing Student Loans

Co-signing a student loan for your child sounds innocent and noble in the beginning. But co-signing oftentimes goes terribly wrong and can ruin you financially as well as tear relationships apart. A Huffington Post reader wrote this note to Steve Rhode (the Get Out of Debt Guy) to ask his advice: “Dear Steve, Our daughter [...]

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You Make Good Money: Has it All Disappeared?

How much of the money you made over the last 5 or 10 years do you still have? By money (at least in this context) I am referring to your net worth – the sum of all your assets minus all your debts. Your net worth is a good measure of how strong you are [...]

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