Getting Creative About Paying Off Your Student Loans

Talk about getting creative in trying to pay your student loans off! Here is a guy who is thinking outside the box for sure.

“Determined to pay off the remaining $30,000, Kasher, 23, quit his job working as an operations manager at a central Pennsylvania-based logistics firm and embarked on a new endeavor. He launched his project,, and aims to run through the U.S. with sponsorship from local companies and individuals. Kasher plans to run 1,000 miles total between this month and March 3, 2014 and will wear any T-shirts or other attire that a company sends him with their logos and branding.”

Here is the article about Jason at

I am not suggesting you do something as wild as Jason. But I would encourage you to take a couple minutes for a quick brainstorming session.

Pull out a piece of paper and quickly write down 20 ways to create some extra cash to pay against your student loan balance. For this exercise, don’t worry about whether the ideas are practical or even doable.

Just get creative for a few minutes. Maybe 3 or 4 of the ideas can help you get your student loans paid off quickly.


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