Are You Justifying Your Student Loans by Defending the Value of Your Education?

I want to clarify something that I think trips a lot people up when thinking about how best to pay off their student loans. There are two different concepts to think about.

  1. Your college education
  2. The debt you created to pay for that education

Once you’ve graduated and you’re out in the working world, there is no longer any reason to connect your debt with your education.  You went to school. That’s a part of your past now.

The debt is a different story. It’s a part of your life in the here and now. It’s also a part of your future.

There’s no longer any need to justify the debt as a great expense or a great investment. A good education is almost always a great investment. Almost everyone agrees with that. But it really doesn’t matter at this point.

The question now is whether it’s wise to purposefully keep your student loans in your life for years and years. Or would it be wise to pay them off quickly.

Which approach is best for your financial future? Which approach promotes financial freedom and independence in your life?

That’s what matters now.

Maybe it’s time to make your student loans a part of your past! :-)