The traditional model for getting an education is changing

There is no doubt that the way you get your education, and the way you learn and grow and develop a career, is changing in our online world.

Sonia Simone of wrote a blog post recently that suggested the traditional form of education is in trouble.

Here is a quote from that blog post:

“Smart writers like Michael Ellsberg and Josh Kaufman have been pointing to a shift in how universities are serving students. The traditional model of “get a degree and land a sweet job” just isn’t working any more, at least in most professions.

I’m still a big fan of universities — but we have to face the fact that they’re quickly becoming a pricy luxury. Students are looking for other ways to learn what they need to learn — without the six-figure price tag.”

Of course, getting a degree is almost always a smart decision, but, and it’s a very big but, signing up for student loans to get that degree may not be wise.

A Desire to Learn and Grow

Remember, there is more to making good money in a career than just getting a degree. It is about a strong desire in your gut to learn and to grow on your own – in addition to your formal schooling.

When I hear someone who is out in the workforce or in a profession say they don’t ever read, I think holy cow, how do they improve themselves. How are they increasing their ability to make a difference in their work? How are they going to progress in their field?

A thirst for learning is a very important part of becoming successful in whatever career or field of work you want to pursue.

As you review your college and career planning, be sure to think seriously about the full range of learning and growing opportunities you can access at low to no cost.