Zac Bissonnette on getting an education without student loans

Great interview on April 26 on the Daily Ticker at Yahoo Finance with author Zac Bissonnette.

Zac wrote the book Debt Free U. His newest book is just coming out. It is How to Be Richer, Smarter, and Better Looking Than Your Parents. I own his first book and will be getting his latest book as well.

Zac is a very sharp young man.

Here is a quote from the Introduction in Debt Free U.

“Throughout this book, I’m going to be letting you in on the strategies – some secret, others blindingly obvious but rarely discussed or put into practice – that will allow your student to get a great college education, a great degree, lifelong friends, and (this is the part that makes this so unique) a strong, debt-free financial foundation that will prepare your child for tremendous success in life.”

Here is a quote from the interview with Zac.

“Probably 10 percent of borrowers have essentially ruined their lives with student loans,” he says.

My view is the number of people ruined is more like 30%. And another 30% are harmed for having taken out student loans.

Either way, it’s a good reason to avoid student loans.

Or pay them off aggressively if you already have one.

Mixing education with debt is a recipe for trouble (deep trouble for far too many people).